Can you help me to hack a special account?

Firstly, you should read about the services we are providing so you can find out whether you can hack that special account or not. Recently, we can help you hack Facebook accounts and hack email accounts.

If you can’t find the section to hack your special account on our site, please let us know. We will then make a research on that type of email account/social network account and build a module for it on our system. Then you can come back to hack immediately.

We will let you know via email once our system is ready to hack, so you can come back to our site to hack that account password.

The price to hack a specified account password is maybe higher than other account password. Usually we charge 200 EUR (about 300 USD) per password.

Note: You can’t purchase the Unlimited package to hack those account passwords. The price for the account you wish to hack is based on each account, not on the Unlimited or Once hacking package on the pricing page.

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