Our Program

Reward Point System


WE ARE OFFERING $55,000.00 USD TO PEOPLE to help them "Get a free hack"

THAT MONEY MUST BE USED TO PURCHASE AT LEAST THE UNLIMITED HACKING PACKAGE ON OUR SITE. It means that you must pay us first with that money, and the money will be credited to your account on our site, to buy the Unlimited Hacking Package. After that, for each 50 dollars you earned, you can widthdraw 1 dollar.

You must accept our "Terms and Conditions" to participate in this Reward System..

Your current points

$0.00 USD

You need 255.00 points more to exchange
for the Unlimited Hacking Package

What you will earn

Reg Google Voice accounts for us
get $20 per account

We need you to create at least 5 Gmail accounts. Or we may give you 5 Gmail accounts. Then use those Gmail accounts to create Google Voice accounts for us.

Search online for "how to create Google Voice" and read that instructions.

Now use those Gmail to create Google Voice accounts. Set up the tel number of Google Voice. Give us the accounts. We will login to check.

For each account done, we will pay you $20 so you can have enough money to use the hacking service.

Click things: Earn $0.01

Every time you visit a page on our site.
Every time you click a submit button under a form.
You get paid a variable reward from $0.01 to $0.09 for many actions on our site.

Hack and earn $1.00 - $1.50

Earn $1.00 - $1.50 each time you hacked an account.
$1.00 when you visit us the first time per day.
If you sign up for an account on our site.
If you login to your account on our site every day.
For posting a good comment on the following links: (see below)

Share links: Earn $5.00

For posting / sharing your referral link on any Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, websites, forums, blogs,... We pay you $5.00 USD for each visitor clicked on your link to visit us and they must earn the reward-points at least $5.00. You must login in order to get this money (reward points)

Click on the button below

Below is your referral link, and you can copy & paste that link to every web page you can find online. Note that only the member of our site can get the referral link (so when people click on your link and visit us, the money would be credited to your account on our site). People will bring money to you each one $5.00. Example: 10 people click on your link and visit us, you will earn $50.00 USD

Record video: Earn $25.00

If you record a video testimonial of you talking about us. The video must be recorded in HD (1080) in the full light (day) and should be at least 3 minutes and in English. The content of your speech can be written by you or contact us to get the text.

Doing tasks: Earn $120.00 in one shot

Click here to learn how to earn $120.00 in one time, exchange for the Once Hacking Package!

What you can do with the money

Check our Pricing page to get info about our Hacking Packages and prices.

When you get enough money for one hacking package, let us know, we will convert your points to money and add credits to your account, so you can use that Hacking Package to decrypt UFD2 Hash Password.

What you must do to get money

The Reward Point is temporary and will be cleared if you leave our site without saving your points.

To save the points, you must login to your account on our site. Once you logged in, click the button "Save Your Points" to save all money to your account.

So here are the steps to follow to save points:
- Check current point
- Login
- Click "Save Your Points" button


We reserve the right to change the system at any time without notice. You need to check our Terms regularly to be updated.

== End of Reward Point System ==

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