Does Facebook know that I’m hacking an account?

You should understand how our system works to hack a Facebook account password. We have recorded the hacking process to show you how you can hack Facebook accounts with our site and how our system works.

When you connect to our site to hack an account such as a Facebook account or an Email account, you will disclose many info about you and your browser. But you are safe behind our site. When you hack an account using our system, only our site connects to the Facebook servers, not you. Therefore, only our site is on the first position.

As the fact that you dont hack that account directly on Facebook server, dont worry about the Facebook Security. You just connect to our site and request our system to hack that account for you. Our system will hack it and then retrieve the password for you. So you dont hack the password directly from your PC and no info about you will be given outside our website.

In case someone tracks your hacking attempt, they will be lead to our site. They can know about us but they can’t know who has used our site to hack the account. So using our site to hack accounts, you are safe.

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