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Note: The hacking tool is only used to hack Facebook account password. If you want to hack an email account, you should follow this link.

Facebook email to hack: You need to enter the email address connected to the Facebook account that your target person is using to login to his/her Facebook account, but not username@facebook.com.

Your email address: Enter your real email address to receive our support as well as the hacking result (password).

Finally: Click only once on the button "Hack Facebook »" to start the hacking process. You will need to wait for a little bit while the hacking process is running. After few minutes, the hacked password will be displayed on your screen. That's all of the free hacking process.

Guide to Hack a Facebook Password

To hack into someones Facebook account password, you need to fill all required info (marked with the sign *) into the hacking form. Make sure that you enter the exact email address which is used by the target person to login to the Facebook account you want to hack.

If you dont know the email connected to that Facebook account, or you know only the email address in this form: username@facebook.com then it means you DO NOT know the real email address. You MUST now visit this link: hack Facebook ID number first. Read this hacking step by step, you will know how to get the real Facebook email address to hack.

Get a Security Code:

Notice: See the difference between FSC and PSC.

Security Code: Security Code is used to prevent abuse and to increase the success rate of the hacking process.

You can get a Free Security Code by doing something for us. Or you can purchase a Premium Security Code for only $1 USD. Compare:

  • PSC: (Only $1 USD)

    Premium Security Code

    To get a PSC: Purchase one with Paypal or Credit Card for only $1.

    Premium Security Code

    Don't want to waste time to wait until your hacking turn?

    Need a really really faster hacking process?

    Pay just only $1 with Paypal or Credit Card to get 1 Premium Security Code (video help).

  • FSC: (no charge)

    Free Security Code

    To get a FSC: Do something for us in exchange for one code. It's free.

    Free Security Code

    It's FREE. Just click on the link below. You will then redirected to a new page.

    You just need to click on the Like button, or send a tweet, or click Google+1 button:

    Find a FSC


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