The difference between Free Security Code and Premium Security Code

Security Codes are used to prevent abuse and to increase the success rate of the hacking process.

A Security Code can be used for many times once obtained.

On the hacking form where you need to enter the Facebook login email address to hack (or email address you want to hack, in case you want to hack an email account, not a Facebook account), you will see a required field called “Enter a Security Code”. You should find a Security Code to bypass that Security Challenge. Click the Help link near that field, you can learn about how to get a Security Code.

Security Codes

There are 2 types of Security Code applied on this site: Free Security Code (FSC) and Premium Security Code (PSC). Please note that both Security Code types can help you to continue the hacking process but do not guarantee that you will get the final hacked password. This is intended to prevent spam bot to flood the hacking system with false hacking request.

PSC: (Only $1 USD)

Premium Security Code

To get a PSC: Pay with Paypal (Credit Card) for only $1 or pay with a SMS.

Premium Security Code

Don’t want to waste time to wait until your hacking turn? Need a really really faster hacking process?


FSC: (no charge)

Free Security Code

To get a FSC: Do something for us in exchange for one code. It’s free.

Free Security Code

It’s FREE. Just click on the link below. You will then redirected to a new page.

You just need to click on the Like button, or send a tweet, or click Google+1 button.

Free Security Code

The FSC is free. You can obtain it from a 3rd-party site by just simply clicking on Like button, Google+1 button or send Tweet.

But, because the FSC is totally free, your hacking request will be placed at the end of the current hacking queue and you need to wait until your turn. Furthermore, the hacking process and decrypting process with the FSC will be longer than with the PSC.

Premium Security Code

In contrast with FSC, PSC is a paid code which helps the hacking and decrypting process go faster. Your hacking request will be processed immediately – no waiting time. It’s really useful when you need a quick service and want to hack an account immediately.

We always recommend you to use PSC to enjoy a quicker hacking service.

Note: the payment with SMS for the PSC now is currently in experimental procedures, some countries do not supported.

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