I have paid with Paypal, did it go through?

What you need to do after Paypal payment

To avoid misunderstanding, we advice you to read the Terms and Conditions to pay with Paypal again.

So we assume that you have paid the Full amount and the Test payment with Paypal. If you didn't pay the Test payment yet, you should do it now. We will process your order only after getting all payments.

Since you have chosen to pay with Paypal, you already know that your payment will be placed on hold for several days. We apply a holding time in the payment process to protect our customers and prevent fraud. That waiting time is enough for us to send money back if we get a "refund request" from the real Paypal account owner.

It means that you cannot get the instant service. If you expect that you will get the service immediately after payment, it's wrong!

Now, let us return to our sheep

Here is the Terms and Conditions to pay with Paypal. That's also the instruction to pay with Paypal. Please click on the following link to read the detail

Terms and Conditions to pay with Paypal

One more thing

Once Hacking Package does not allow you to hack Facebook ID

If you want to hack a Facebook ID number, please note that only the Unlimited Hacking Package can help you to do that. You cannot pay for the Once Hacking Package and hope that you can get the password for the Facebook ID you have hacked. You should check our Pricing page again and read carefully about what the Once Hacking Package can and cannot do.


Many of our customers, who have paid for the Once Hacking Package, have eventually requested us to upgrade their accounts to the Unlimited Hacking Package because:

- they want to hack another account once they find something in the first target account;
- they want to hack the same account again because the target person has changed the password;
- they want to hack the same account because the target person has received the Security Notification sent from Facebook servers informing about a strange login from a strange device/location to the account;
- etc

But because they have already used the account balance (Once Package) to get 1 password, they CANNOT send the different amount to upgrade to the Unlimited Hacking Package. In fact, they have to pay the full amount to purchase the Unlimited Hacking Package to get the feature: Hack Facebook ID and/or Disable the *Security Notification* from Facebook.

Please note that once you login to the target Facebook account, the target person will receive a notification sent to their mobile informing about a suspicious login attempt.


So if you want to upgrade now, please do it before using your account balance.

You will be able to hack multiple passwords without paying extra money later, especially useful if your target person changes the password often or if they detect that someone has access to their account, then they will change the password. But with the Unlimited hacking package, you can get the password again and again without hassle.

Moreover, the package Unlimited hacking service can help you also to disable the SECURITY NOTIFICATION from the Facebook accounts you want to hack - so the target person WILL NOT know that their account has been hacked. You can also hack the Facebook ID without knowing the login email address or tel number.

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